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I did it, finally! I hit 100 miles for the month (105.3 to be exact), left it a bit late but just managed to get them in before the deadline. Headed out for my usual ride but when I got to Cresswell instead of turning up towards Ellington I decided it wasn’t beating me and […]

Let’s Ride

Wow, it was raining and I still went out. Wasn’t bad, just a little windy. Got held up for 10seconds by 2 old women and their dogs only to get back and realise I missed my best time by 8 seconds, bah!

Ride On

I wish I could just Ride On! Was a nice day when I finished work so I went straight out on my bike, bloody hell it was windier than I thought but I still managed some PB’s. Felt like I was flying today and didn’t let up, I may regret it tomorrow, maybe even later.

They Call Me The Breeze

Thought the wind had gone, nope, wasn’t as strong as yesterday, which is why I didn’t get out on my day off, but still felt as though I was getting nowhere. Killing my times, I should be getting faster not slower ;-)

Morning Has Broken

Well, late start at work today so thought I’d get up with Bev and head out before the wind got up, still a headwind sadly but not as much as yesterday. Was a canny ride and the roads were quiet, not as many people heading to work as I thought. Will try this again I […]

Winds of Change

Hit the road straight from work to try and beat the wind as it was getting stronger as the day went on, didn’t make a difference, it was in my face on the journey out and still in my face as I returned. How the hell does that work!! On the plus side the bike […]

I’m Running With The Shadow’s Of The Night

Well that’s week one complete and you can already see the progress, yeah! Still hate running…

Running Free

Second round, felt it on my legs but still taking it easy and following the plan, we got a bit further this time so an improvement in my book.

Walk Don’t Run

I don’t run, I don’t like running, I’m the wrong shape for running ;-) So why am I running? We’ve decided we want to do the Great North Run before we get too old, just to say we’ve done it. We’ve missed out on the application this year (probably just as well) but are starting […]

Over My Head (Better Off Dead)


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