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Well and truly stuffed my chances of an easy route to the 150 miles cycling in July. I mainly go out on my day off or/and a Sunday, due to the fact that after cycling about 6 miles and walking about 10 miles at work during the day I just can’t be arsed to get ready and hit the road in the evening.

Well last Sunday the wind was so bad I didn’t even attempt it, I’ve worked my day off for this week, my bike is in for it’s free service this Sunday, it’s Jade’s 18th birthday the following Sunday and the following weekend to that sees my birthday, where I may be in no state to ride on the Sunday. :-)

So it’s either fail big style or put my ass in gear after work and at least get a few miles a night in and then if I get a day off can knock in a good few miles to get me at least close.

This challenge is a great motivator so I guess it’s out after work once or twice then!!

Watch this space!!

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