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Entries for June, 2010

#June100 to #July150

I participated in a friendly challenge during June, the #June100, to see if I could clock up 100 miles cycling in the month, it started off with a few people interested and then when word got round there were about 30+ people up for the challenge. So many enjoyed it we’re now going for the […]

Solar Charger

Well, this is becoming a habit, usually forget to update this but have done daily updates for a few days. Thought I may as well pop in a few words just to keep it going. Got my new solar charger and tested it earlier, fits nicely on the iPhone, way better than the other one. […]

100 Miles Completed (Proper)

Well I’ve only gone and bloody done it, 100 leisure miles completed. “Aboot time!” I hear some of you say and yeah you’re right. At the rate I’ve gone this weekend I could have been done ages ago. It was just finding the time that did for me. Today I decided to start off with […]

Long Way To The Shop If You Wanna Sausage Roll

Well, post title almost right, it was fish and chips. It was also an almost 30 mile round trip cycle. Had decided to cycle with Bev today but was unsure where, then decide to give the Coast & Castle cycle route a go, along the Cresswell road I cycle often but this time up through […]

100 Miles Completed

Yup, I’ve completed over 100 miles in June, sadly on the Postie bike and not the leisure bike. I didn’t realise just how many miles I did on the bike for work, getting to work, then to my duty and then home from my duty. Most miles in a day so far is 12 and […]

A Smelly Leisure Total #June100

Finally managed to get back on the bike yesterday for a leisure ride after having no chance for ages, I’m now half way towards the #June100 total after 2 rides so hope to get in a few shorter ones now before the end of the month and hit that total. Few things got in the […]

What A Weekend

I had intended blogging my weekend away while I was actually away but the WordPress app on my iPhone decided to play up and not let me access my blog and I’ve just now got round to adding this post :) The Saturday was a good day, we went off to Scarborough in the morning, […]

Oh What A Night…

But not late December or back in ’63. Had a good journey down to Scarborough, although traffic was bad in places so took longer than expected. Got to Primrose Valley and got booked in and off to caravan, small but perfectly formed and very clean. After a quick, but expensive, feed we headed out to […]

First Leisure Ride Of The Month

Well I got my first Leisure ride in this month, as mentioned I’m taking part in the June100, to see if we can get in over 100 Leisure miles in a month. I’ve done a few Commute miles, I do more than I thought I did that’s for sure. In the first week of the […]

Bike Challenge

I’ve joined a challenge for the month, the June 100, to see if we can cycle 100 leisure miles each in the month of June. Launched by Phill Connell and taken up by quite a few now, check it out So far this month, 3 days in, I have done ‘0’ leisure mile, ouch. […]

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