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I forgot to post about my week off from work, damn good week it was too.

Had a visit from Andrew, a friend from Watford, known Andrew about 10years ‘online’ but finally met in person last year when he came to Northumberland for a holiday. Since then myself and Bev had a weekend inLondon where Andrew became our tour guide and stopped us getting lost. :) This time he was driving up to Northumberland and staying just outside Ashington so we could show him a few more sights. This would be the first time Andrew had met the kids, we wondered how scared he would be. ;) As it turned out, not at all, they must have had their good heads on that week, although it was the Easter holidays so no school. He even met with Jades approval, bloody hell is all I’m going to say there ;)

Andrew arrived on the Tuesday, earlier than expected, right Andrew ;-) Caught me just arriving back from the tip, dressed perfectly to greet guests, not! After changing we decided lunch was deserved so off we went to The Widdrington Inn that Andrew had seen me tweet/Facebook many times, hope he was as impressed as we often are.

Wednesday we visited Beamish. Andrew, Bev and myself were joined by Jade and her friend Kat for the day. We had last visited Beamish in October with Nathan and Bethany so we knew where to start and end our visit. We had a great day wandering around the old places and it was as interesting at last time. We also went down the mine again, which was interesting this time as the lowest part of the mine is 4’6″ and Andrew is 6’5″ish, that was fun. :D

Thursday we took Lottie to Kielder, we took a walk round part of the reservoir. Must say the mile markers must be wrong as we walked for ages and apparently only walked quarter of a mile :D Spotted a Woodpecker but no red squirrels, took loads of pics, lovely scenery.

Friday went for Fish and Chips at Seahouses then drove over to Cragside (after we joined National Trust) to visit the property. It is an excellent place to visit, the house is very interesting and the grounds are absolutely fantastic, it is well worth a visit and we will be returning soon.

Saturday before Andrew left we took him to Woodhorn Museum to show him the mining heritage of Ashington and area.

I’ll link to pics of each day once I get round to uploading them, but don’t hold your breath, this took long enough ;)

We’re already planning another visit with Andrew, either dragging him up here or popping down to see him, unless we really did scare him and he hides ;)

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