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The reason I've not been out.

This white stuff is the reason I’ve not been out much.

Well, this year hasn’t actually got off to a great start, first Peesh from LoGOz hurt himself at work so had to cancel loads of gigs, then I hurt my back at work, which means that as of today I haven’t seen one gig/band this year.

I have been on indoor/light duties for 2 weeks now and my back still not fully recovered. I’m going stir crazy from indoor duties and not being able to get out and see bands play. I’ve not got out because I struggle to walk on the ice and snow due to my bad back, you don’t realise how much you use your back for balance until it hurts to stay upright. The only plus side to the indoor duties is that I’ve been starting at 7 and been back in the house before 12, that I could get used to :-)

Saturday sees the rescheduled FA Vase match for Ashington down at Bodmin, canny journey, and that’s still weather permitting. Although our snow is disappearing a lot of places are still snowed under so travel may still be dodgy for the team. I have every faith that, providing they get there safely, they will win and we’ve already been drawn a home tie if this happens so I’m looking forward to a home cup tie in February.

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned previously that I listen to New Wave with Newman on Radio Northumberland on a Monday evening at 10pm, if I haven’t then I have now. It’s well worth a listen, classic punk and new wave tracks as well as tracks from local (and some not so local) unsigned bands. It’s a great show for finding out new music or artists you’ve not heard of. Monday past was an all requests show (you can always request tracks but this full show was requests) and I heard a few new things and also passed on some stuff that others hadn’t heard. As well as listening to the show Keith is on Twitter as @RNorthumberland while the show is on and there are quite a few regulars, me included, who tweet and chat about the tunes/bands played, all in all a good hour of music and company.

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