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Naked Gun that is, own up, how many of you are here because of what the tweet told you?

Bev is currently on 2pm-2am shift so the girls have been choosing the evening entertainment the last few nights, started with Tenacious D in the Pick Of Destiny and ending with the 3 Naked Gun films. Not seen them in ages, so much fun. :)

No bike today, late in from work and the weather took a turn for the worse, weather warnings because of the wind. The swing seat at the top of the garden is moving down towards the bottom of the garden, hope it’s OK!

Managed to get a few things added into the sidebars that I wanted, my photos, music and tweets. Need to sort out my blogroll so if yours is missing and you think it should be there let me know :)

Managed to get my sisters website finished back in August, just forgot to say, go have a look if you’re interested She’s a childminder, if you couldn’t tell from the link ;)

Still close to completion on the other site I’m working on for my mam, got distracted by my own. However, the redesign of that one was my idea and the original site is still up there and working well, is also non paying so it can wait a little. ;) Just converting it to WordPress as I feel that will be much easier for my mam to update, other site has been online in it’s current form for about 6 years and I don’t think she’s managed an update herself yet, seems it wasn’t as easy to use as I thought it was. :D

Think I’ve decided to redesign my main site after these ones, it is many years old and really should be updated and brought up to date, content as well as design. Will keep interested parties informed on here. I’m feeling alive again re-learning all this, seems I’ve forgotten more than I wanted and some sites I can’t even remember what I have on them or how I made them work so tweaking is becoming a problem,I should put all these good hours to use when Bev is at work as she works 12 hour shifts so I always have time to myself. Sometimes I just don’t want to start something though because I know I won’t want to stop, I need to set myself some times, treat it a little like a job so I can ‘down tools’ at quitting time.

Next job on here though is to get the smilies to sit properly and not look as though they’re just planted on the page.

Let me know what you think anyway, one day I may have more than just a load of waffle to put on these pages.


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