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Well that was a canny month, got way more miles in than I expected, didn’t quite make it to 500 but as I hadn’t planned on that from the outset I’m not too disappointed, original plan was for 300, averaging 10 per day as that’s my short after work route.


I had some good rides out this month, not only my normal routes but some longer ones too, had some climbs I wasn’t expecting and some segment records to be proud of (Ashington to Amble 2nd best time overall) I just missed out on passing 50 miles in one ride when the Strava app corrected my mileage from 50.2 down to 49.9 after upload, so I have that one to crack yet.

I got my new bike on the Cycle Plus scheme this month and love it, it’s a Giant Talon 29er 2, pic in the gallery below. It’s a mountain bike so I can head offroad and use the tourer on road, so far it seems a really good choice.

I’m taking a couple of rest days now as I think my legs are suffering from trying to do too much without a breather but will be back on it attacking May very soon.

Hopefully in May I will get my camera out on rides with me and can get some photos of the Northumberland countryside, took a few on my phone while out and about but it’s not the same. Here’s a couple anyway (from previous posts but will stick them together here)

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