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The only thing that title has in common with this post is that it just came on the radio when I opened up this page so I thought what the hell…

Well, what’s happened since last time? My back is better, that’s a good start. LoGOz have been back on the road and in the studio, I was one of 2 drivers for a gig in London this month, up at 6:30am one day and in bed at 3:30 next day, long day but bloody great :D There’s nowt like a good road trip, hired a car for all the gear, got there in plenty of time and wandered around checking shops etc. Drive back was a bit harder, tired eyes and long dark roads meant we switched drivers regularly, wouldn’t have missed it for anything though. Missed an Edinburgh gig due to a front coil spring snapping on my car and not wanting to risk taking 4 adults and gear up to Edinburgh in it, no room in Paul’s car, too small.

Beetle is currently off the road due to no MOT, booking it in next week and hopefully giving it a once over at the weekend, just incase. Dunno what I’m doing but hey I can try. Well, OK, I know what I should be doing but I’ve never done some of the stuff before so even though in theory I know what to do there’s no guarantee I’ll manage. Fingers crossed I have as much luck as last year and it flies through.

My bike shall be coming out of the shed as its hibernation slowly comes to an end, lighter nights and hopeful lack of snow means a better chance of me getting out on it. Not been on it for so long I hope I still remember what it does and how to do it. I’ve missed it though, love being out on the road, hoping to persuade Bev this time, she got her new bike and didn’t get out on it last year.

Been off work this week, as has Bev, and we’ve had an enjoyable but busy week. Lots of walks on the beach with the dogs. We’ve de-wintered our garden, it’s amazing how garden furniture moves all round the garden in the winter. We managed to clear 12 bags of rubbish from the garden and we wanna know where the bloody hell it all comes from! Had a trip to the Metro Centre today and the bloody week has flown over, nearly time to go back to work.

Oh and tickets for The Toy Dolls went on sale last week but due to various other commitments and Bev not getting paid till today they’ve sold out before I had the money, no tickets :-(

That’s all for now, back soon(ish)

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