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There is a new local band on the scene, the band is LoGOz and is made up of a couple of lads from work on guitars and a drummer. I sit in on practices and make sure they can keep their sound consistent, I’m an unofficial sound man. May not sound important but when the band is 2 guitars and drums and no bass guitar you don’t want it too high or tinny, gotta keep it low and loud ;-) I’m also the main web developer, Facebook page admin, Twitter Tweeter, PR/Pimp and whatever else needs done. Bloody good times for a non-musician like myself, I get to be involved with stuff I wouldn’t usually. Taking myself and my camera off to the studio with them in a few weeks time, not something I’d get to do EVER and I’m loving getting the chance.

I love my music anyway and being able to get involved is brilliant, I’ve also seen a lot more local bands than I would have done and they’re mostly bloody good. Punk, Ska, Rock, Covers Bands, Original Music or a mixture, you name it I’ve seen it lately. In fact, the local football club (where I usually go to watch football strangely enough) had a Live Music weekend where they had 20 bands on over 3 days, I was disappointed when due to work and other hiccups I missed one band the whole weekend, that was the first band on the Saturday afternoon, I didn’t finish and get home in time for the 2pm start, caught every other one though and enjoyed most of them.

Just a few of the cracking bands I’ve seen, if you have a few mins head over to youtube, I’m sure most of them are on there, you won’t be disappointed.

  • LoGOz (obviously)
  • Underline Hero
  • Ball of Mayhem
  • Crackdown
  • The Blisters
  • Sorry for Nothing
  • Shut Up!
  • Collision
  • Trampled Underfoot
  • Go Go Midgets (these guys supported the classic punk band Penetration here in Ashington earlier this year, brilliant night)

I’ve found a new online, and local, radio station that has fast become my favourite station, the station is Radio Northumberland and it hosts my favourite radio show. That show is New Wave with Newman (Keith Newman) and consists of an hour of classic punk/new wave tracks. It also includes tracks from local bands who have been in touch with Keith to pass on their stuff. Yup LoGOz have been played, as well as The Blisters and Underline Hero. Keiths show is on Monday nights between 22:00 & 23:00. I’ve met Keith a couple of times at gigs lately, namely the weekend festival when I convinced him to come and check out The Blisters (another band I follow regularly) and then the Penetration gig, great bloke!

I could ramble all night about the music but I won’t, late enough as it is ;-) I think I’ll add a music category and stick down the interesting stuff I’ve been involved in and a gig section to record my gigs I’ve attended.

And just to finish off, work is going fine, on my own duty working with another lad that works the same way I do, makes things so bloody easy.

Bike has taken a bit of a back seat lately but is slowly coming back out, just in time for the cold and wet weather.

Beetle is currently off the road due to knackered starter motor, but I have one available to me once I can get to pick it up, if I can get it before Wednesday, my day off, I may even get it swapped over :-)


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