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Still as infrequent as ever, don’t panic.

Quick update since last post, Ashington lost to Grimsby but we had a great day anyway. They’ve progressed in the FA Vase though and we’ve had away days, last one to Milton Keynes, and have another one on 12th Feb, 300 mile trip to Gloucestershire. Disco Bus warmed up and alcohol chilling ready!

My full time has ended as from tomorrow I’m down to 25 hours, 5 hours more than I was on when I took the temporary upgrade to full time but I’d still prefer full time. Job has changed yet again, 2 posties, 2 duties, one van now. This means a repick has been brought in where we all choose our duties, for the first time since I started 5 years ago I should have the chance of my own duty, bonus, means I’ll know when my days off are and can work out my long weekends. This means I can plan stuff with Bev, who begins her new job tomorrow, Monday to Friday 9-5, no shifts, no nights, no weekends, lucky bugger!

Had sinusitis over Christmas and New Year, still recovering so still not been out on my bike, it’s still at the back of the shed. Hopefully soon though.

Still watching live bands, I pop along to Crackdown practice weekly and go to see The Blisters live when they play. Got some gigs coming up in the next few weeks so plenty to keep me occupied. Should put some sort of review on here really, always take pics and maybe a video or two so I should spread the word.

Beetle is due its MOT next week, exhaust fell to bits as I took it off to get welded so am on the lookout for a very cheap (free) replacement. Don’t want to spend too much money until I know how bad things may be. I know it will pass on the majority of things but it’s the minority that worries me.

As usual I’ll sign off promising to update this more frequently but no doubt it will be qaurterly again!

Wikipedia: A blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing, burning, freezing, chemical exposure or infection. ?

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