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Been a while again, I should set this up to set out an apology at the top of each new message ;-)

New job is great, did 10-6 for a while then they decided it wasn’t working the way they wanted so moved us to 07:30-15:30, works great for them, not so great for us but it’s still full time so I’ll take it. So we’ve gone from delivering our duty then doing parcels to delivering parcels then doing our duty’  No sign of it ending for now so that’s a good thing.

Since the last post we’ve done a bit of home renovation, we’ve knocked out the wall between living room and passage to great one larger room, looks great if I say so myself but it was bloody hard work.

Because of all this hard work I’ve not managed to get out on the bike, I just didn’t have the time when I was busy, I even missed a few home games at the football, bad scene. Since then though I’ve just lacked the motivation, I need to get back into the routine of just getting on the bike and riding.

I’ve also got myself some sort of life, wow. I’ve been out watching a new band practice, getting ready for their first gig. Been to watch another band who have been going a bit longer and also popped along to a couple of acoustic nights around the town. That along with the football means I’ve been out more in the last few months than ever before. ;-)

Talking football, Ashington have managed to get themselves to the 4th qualifying round of the F.A. Cup, playing Grimsby Town this Saturday at Cleethorpes, bus trip! It’s going to be a great day and if we manage to get past Grimsby, who are about 5 levels above us, we’ll be into the F.A. Cup proper and a possibility of a big team, scary thought, but exciting.

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