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I must remember to update this at normal times and not when lying in bed and not tired.

New job is going great, makes a huge difference knowing what jobs I’m on daily and knowing what my days off will be. My long weekend this weekend, although I’m on holiday next week so slightly longer weekend than normal. I’ll also see the benefit the week after my holiday when I get paid a decent wage, one on par with a week at work and not feeling like half pay.

Off to London next week for a couple of (busy) days. Off to see Michael Ball with Bev and a friend we dragged along for company (sorry Andrew), also seeing a show, Legally Blonde, yet another item chosen by Bev. We tried for We Will Rock You but were outvoted, funny how women can pull extra votes out of thin air ;-) Going to do a bit of sightseeing too, must remember my camera.

Slapped a bit more paint on the Beetle today, on the inside this time, the red is no more, apart from tiny spots here and there that I didn’t spot till I put the paint away, will get them next time. Also have some new wheels although they need a lick of paint and some tyres before fitting. Will add a couple of pics at the end of interior and also the wheels against the car. Slowly but surely it’s coming along and Bev is putting her stamp on it.

It’s Bethanys 16th birthday on Sunday (eek, scary to think she’s my youngest) We’re having a BBQ on saturday hopefully, she wants it then as she wants to go to the Mighty Dub Fest on Sunday, woohoo :-D

May as well try for sleep now, thanks for reading my rambling, those of you who stuck it out.



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