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Well, after knocking out my first set of leisure miles on April 1st I’ve managed to complete the #Apr100 with days to spare, I’m currently sitting at 119.79 leisure miles. That combined with the 77 miles I’ve so far done for work means I have a nice mixed leisure and work total of 196.79 miles, tomorrow will take me over the 200 mile total for the month.

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The main push for this has been the #30daysofbiking challenge, wanting to complete this challenge has meant I have to go out on my bike on my days off, I’m thinking of trying to keep it up and cycle as many days as possible from now until the bike goes back away for winter. (cos I’m a wuss in the cold) I know I won’t manage every day as we have some days away planned where I won’t be near a bike but I’d like to miss as few as possible.

We’ve had a few nice drives out in the Beetle lately, mainly as an excuse to go for fish & chips ;-)

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It’s still as much fun as it was when we got it and puts a massive grin on my face. It’s so much fun and puts smiles on other peoples faces too, even though it’s not the best looking Bug around. Still can’t get used to the waves from drivers of other classic cars though and have almost missed returning a wave once or twice.

Got some bits of work to be done in the next month, after some complications we should finally get our box of new bits on Friday. This means the bank holiday weekend may be a working one, installing new interior and some trim bits then we can decide what else we’d like to do for now. We’ve also got someone to come look at the electrics with a view to giving a tidy up, safety check and to fit a hot start relay and see if we can cure some of the starting hiccups we have now and again.

Pics will appear as we do stuff I’m sure. :-)

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