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Well it must be close to it, that’s for sure. A nice lie in till 08:30ish and started the day with coffee in the sun in the garden, where, even at that time of day, the thermometer in the sun trap was recording almost 30deg. We did a Sound of the Suburbs morning, where I was out washing the car(s) and Bev was in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner. ;-) Nowt like a good family meal to brighten up the day.

After that it was more coffee relaxing in the garden before taking a drive out in the Beetle up the coast with Bev and  the dogs to walk them on the beach, Lottie having fun in the sea, she loves the water, Miles not so much a fan but still joins her now and again.

Back for more coffee in the garden, you may get the picture, I love my garden (and coffee ;-) )

Once it had cooled off a little I headed out on the bike, while Bev entertained herself with her cross stitch in the garden, back up the coast where I’d already driven in the Beetle but I just love cycling (and driving) that way. Managed to squeeze in a nice 24 miles on the bike before heading back home. Once home I headed back into the garden with Bev, this time with a chilled bottle of Magners cider. Just left the garden as the sun has disappeared behind the houses but can’t wait for another month or two when it will be a bit higher for longer and it won’t cool off as quickly.

So a quick recap, lots of relaxing in the garden with Bev, a family Sunday dinner, a drive out in the Beetle and walk on the beach with my wife (and dogs) and a nice ride in the sun on my bike.

Does life really get any better than this?


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