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Had some fun since I last spoke here, got to see some bands, drive the Beetle and ride my bike, hey maybe not exciting to some but good for me. Pics will be added at the end.

Bands were The Blisters and The Half Cuts, bands from Ashington, both containing Posties. The Blisters were ‘headlining’ as it was their CD Single launch, excellent tracks, Un-Ltd and Trust, both on their MySpace page. Go check them out and watch the video for Un-Ltd.

The Half Cuts opened for them, 2 parts Morpeth, 1 part Ashington, 3 chords. Good old fashioned punk, nothing too serious, just some guys having fun, but good. They’re also on MySpace however I don’t think the tracks they have up there do them much justice, they were better than that live.

Bev and I also had a trip out in the Beetle on Mothers Day, heading up to Seahouses for Fish & Chips, turned out, after a few spots of rain, to be a lovely day and it was a nice leisurely drive, no other type in the Beetle ;-) It was fun seeing the looks and waves, even though it isn’t the best looking car yet. Got a nice wave from a guy heading in the opposite direction driving his Morris Minor, returned of course. Got a box of bits arriving in the next week, new interior and trim etc. should smarten it up no end :-) Bev also bought me a campervan, pics will follow ;-)

I’ve now eventually recorded my first miles on the bike for the year, got out on 1st of April, no, not a joke, I really did ;-) As well as taking part in the monthly challenge, #Apr100 this time, I’m taking part in the #30daysofbiking challenge, to ride every day throughout April. This includes “any” miles on a bike so that makes my chances of accomplishing this much better as I cycle every day I’m at work, it does mean I have to make more of an effort on days off which should give the necessary kick for the rest of the year and help me beat the year long target of 1,000 miles.






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