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Had a busy week! Last Friday Bev and I took a trip South to Lincolnshire, Woodhall Spa to be exact, to the Bainland Country Park where we met up with our friend Andrew, who travelled North from Watford. We had a fantastic, quiet, weekend doing not much more than eating and drinking :D The food on the site was excellent and servings were very generous so the only cooking we attempted for ourselves was bacon butties in the morning. It being the end of the school half term everyone must have left to go home as it was very quiet, just what we wanted. We were in a Lodge, well kitted out, comfortable and with electricity and gas included in the price, brilliant.


The view from our French Doors to the Lodge opposite.

We took a drive to Skegness on the Saturday, for brunch, where we found very little open and nothing special to see. Would probably need to go back in Summer to see if it changed but seemed to be a poor man’s Blackpool. ;) But we did find a lot of supermarkets. Sunday we took a walk up into Woodhall Spa and on to the Kinema In The Woods, showing films since 1922, The Kinema is a unique, independent cinema and is well worth a visit if you’re in the area.


Kinema In The Woods

All in all, a great place to stay and a lovely relaxing weekend with good company.

On to the Beetle, Bev has been driving to a few places to price resprays, sadly because the car seems to have hammerite as paint no-one wants to touch it, too much like hard work :( However she did manage to get a deal on a box of goodies including 2 new doors (one brand new never used), new bumpers (still wrapped), 2 rear wings with lights, new upgraded headlights, new indicators, new mirrors, aerial, interior light, boot lid, handles, trim, chrome, wheels, a full high back interior and more stuff I’ve forgotten, with a promise of anything else he finds to be thrown in. So the decision now is to replace the interior, trim, bumpers and get new chrome and add some decals and run the car as it is till the MOT runs out, once the MOT runs out we’ll strip it ourselves and get it to a state where the painters will touch it and then hand it over to get anything done that is needed for MOT and then respray and Bev can then go in the direction she chooses. Oh and one of the goodies in the box, which she brought away with her (she paid a deposit and picks the rest up when she has paid up) was a nice shiny new exhaust, a zoom tube I think someone called it, makes it sound like a V8 ;)

Zoom Tube

Girl Racer Pipe


I had an interview today, it was for a 1 year Traineeship with the National Archives at Woodhorn Colliery Museum (about 3mins walk from me), I thought the interview went well but there were a lot of candidates so I’ll just have to wait and see how I did. Will be a big step to take if I were to get the position, going from a permanent job to a 1 year post but it was too good an opportunity to miss. The job description is:-

This placement focuses on digital delivery and the use of social networking to develop and promote our services. You will help us to add content to our digital libraries and add to the digital content available to view in our e-catalogues. At Woodhorn, we are currently exploring how social networking might be used to increase engagement of new and existing audiences with our service and how IT might be used to improve our visitor experience. The placement will provide you with the opportunity to develop digitisation and web authoring skills and work with us to use the internet and mobile phone technology to deliver exciting and engaging archive content to new audiences.

I so want to do that :)

That’s all for now, getting late, so “Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast”

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