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Before I start with my stuff I’d like to offer my congratulations to our friends Mike and Debbie, The Morgans, who are celebrating the birth of their first child, a beautiful baby girl, Megan Elizabeth Gabriel, 7lb 8oz, born at 5.10am on 5th February 2011. Congratulations to you both, enjoy the sleepless nights ;-)

2011 may be the year of changes, I’ve applied for a new job, made my interest known for a secret voluntary position and I need to kick myself up the ass to get some website updates done. If someone asks me to do something I do it, no hesitation, just get on with it and do it, if I have something to do for myself it’s more “meh, I’ll do it in a moment” and the end of the day appears and it’s still not done. These website updates have been planned for almost a year now, one site is almost 2 years out of date, ouch! I need to set myself some time aside and plan it, I always seem to sit down to do stuff then think, oh hang on, this needs done or that needs done and I’m up and off again.

Also I think it’s about time I got some of my ideas down somewhere safe, I’m always in trouble for bits of paper lying around with ideas scribbled on them, then they get ‘tidied’ away, I think Bev throws them away to be honest, she just doesn’t understand the creative process ;-)

I think we’re also going to make a change to our garden this year, been 2 years or so since the last change. Want to make the pond bigger this time and fix the waterfall, the pond loses water when the waterfall is running so think we have a leak at the back somewhere, need to carefully dismantle it and rebuild, with some new liner underneath.

For those who don’t know here are a few pics of previous changes.

So that’s the garden from rubbish dump to lovely outdoor space (twice). I’ll keep you informed with changes once they begin.

And finally, looking for a VW Beetle, preferably 1971, for Bev for her birthday this year so saving hard, I can mention it here as she knows all about it, joint accounts means not as many secrets. ;-) So any pointing in the right direction or advice is welcome, her birthday is September but if the right one at the right price appeared beforehand then that may be an option.

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