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Quick update, in 2010 I cycled 470 leisure miles, hoping to double that this year with the #20111k, 1,000 Km in 2011, however I want to do 1,000 miles.

Christmas came and went with happy kids, success :-) New Year came and went very quietly, not like our usual NYE.

Work was very very busy in the run up to Christmas, seemed to average 50hrs a week, working 7 days a week from the beginning of December to try and get cards and parcels out. Ended up I was delivering my duty then coming back to take out a van load of parcels, bad weather slowed everything down :-(

Some bereavements and bad experiences in 2010 so pleased that is over, hoping for a better 2011.

Debating on applying for a new job, working with Social Media, blogs and the web to promote the place I’d be working, better decide quick as I just found out closing date is tomorrow. Only thing holding me back and making me hesitate is it’s only a year and not permanent. My next update will show my decision.

If I do decide to go for it I better get practicing by updating this more frequently ;-)

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