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I’m sitting here, on a Saturday night, watching football. What the hell is going on, I don’t get the TV on a Saturday night!! Oh, that’s because Bev has gone away for the weekend with friends from work, I can watch whatever I want, providing I don’t forget to record Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor of course ;-)

In fact, I’m pausing this post to go get myself a drink, don’t normally drink when in alone but what the hell, while the cat’s away…

Ah, that’s better, Magners over ice, nowt better!

Was a weird day at work today, started off spare so was in early sorting 2 duties for others, then the boss dropped the bombshell that I was needed for delivery. Sent me to a rough place, (description from boss:- you won’t get lost, follow the dogs, the crazy women and the vomit and you’ll find your way) a delivery I’ve never done before, wonderful for a Saturday. Wasn’t too much so was done by 11:00 and rang for a lift. “I’ll send one of the lads, he only has a couple of things left to do on the way back”. Yeah right, 12:30 when I arrived back at the depot after delivering different parts of another 2 duties, all in all bits off 3 deliveries done and 2 I’d never delivered before so had no idea where I was going. Got another one on the list for next week I’ve not done either, never mind it’ll add to the 40+ duties I’ve done so far.

Debating about going out on the bike in the morning, sorted myself warm clothing however it’s forecast for rain, not sure how I stand for keeping warm AND dry, will see how bad the rain actually is before I decide. Need to crack a few more miles onto the #Nov100. Still need to find some lights before attempting another dark ride.

Right, off to enjoy this Magners and the TV, bet I can’t find anything to watch now it’s mine ;-)


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