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Been a while, not ready to spill everything that’s happened in full so I’ll summarise .

Bad back, as last time I posted, now better.

Bereavement and arsehole step family, no more to say!!!!

Holiday in Wales, oh yeah! :-)

Return to work, bloody busy, hoping back stays better ;-)

Wedding Anniversary and a trip to Blackpool to meet a friend, also oh yeah!!

Cycling, on back burner, bad back then losing Step Dad and other stuff kept me off for a while and no Winter gear keeping me off for now.

Bev changing jobs, things being uncertain as if she didn’t pass training she wouldn’t have a job. No bloody worries, a bunch of 100% exams and audits mixed with a 95% and 90% or two meant they’re bloody impressed and so they should be ;-)

So that’s from last post to now, I may add some more on some of the things in the next few days so watch this space! :-)

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