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Enforced lazing that is, I’m officially on the sick due to a bad back. It has meant me sitting around all day on my laptop but it does mean I’ve had a sort of productive time. So far I’ve fiddled with a site I’m designing, spent a day trying to get it working with some stuff only to fail and revert back to the way it was. I’ve installed and played with flogr, a script to display your Flickr images on your own website. I’ve played around with a few site designs for a site for my sister, not that I have anything to show her yet. I’ve also begun installing Gallery 3 to play with, well I will once I get a few missing things sorted with PHP. I’m slowly re-acqainting myself with xhtml and css and loving every minute of it, even the hair pulling and screaming. :)

So I think I’m going to try and make the most of this and fiddle (oo-er missus) with as much as I possibly can while I’m stuck here in my seat with an excuse to stay here.

Best thing about a bad back though is the fact that Bev decided the weekend was the perfect time to move furniture and decorate, while I just watched her grab anyone that popped in to help her :D

One thing I really am missing though is the bike, annoying thing is that since I’ve been off it’s been lovely cycling weather and I could have clocked up miles, but I’ve only managed 10.5 miles so far this month, that was last Monday, before the bad back. Bethany has joined in with the #August150 and has so far clocked up 72.6 miles to my 10.5, going to take some catching!!

Also been looking at a new theme for the blog, one of the new ones with all the bells and whistles, although I’ve resisted so far as I should spend my time on other people’s projects first :)

Was Ashington Football Club’s first game of the season on Saturday and despite getting beat I’m looking forward to the new season, got myself a season ticket this year as I’m intending on hitting at least every home game and maybe some of the away ones too. Hopefully some good cup games and 2 finals like last year. :D

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