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Well that’s July gone and what a month. Jade’s birthday, 18, bloody hell!!, my birthday and 155 leisure cycling miles.

August has begun with a washout, after finally getting Bev to agree to come out for a cycle with me the bloody heavens opened. I’m not too bothered about the rain if I’m out and caught in it but setting out while it’s chucking it down ain’t my idea of fun :-)

Finally found a cycling GPS app for the iPhone that doesn’t eat battery but still can’t get it to upload anything, awaiting further help to diagnose problems, will no doubt keep you informed!

On the duty that delivers my own post for at least a week, rearranged the duty so I start and finish at my door, brilliant :-D

#July150 has turned into #August150, think we agreed to keep it down as a few of us are on holiday throughout the month. Hope I complete it again, moved up the list in July and finished somewhere around 15th out of about 35 :-) No access to sheet on here so can’t be more specific ;-)

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