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Am I going to make the #July150? Ok so the title came because I was listening to Good Charlotte as I opened this but it still stands. I suppose if I can force myself to make the effort after work and knock in some extra miles on my days off I should make it. One day I’ll set myself a target and pass it with ease, I’m sure ;-). Just don’t know when that will be.

I’ve had a few days off and have been out each day for the last 3, first one was an offroad route through woods, did it along with Bev, 7 miles and about an hour and a half, which included a coffee stop at my mams so not as bad as it sounds. Yesterday we went along the coast to Cresswell and back, stopping a few times for ice cream and photos, a trip of some 11 miles. Did the same route alone today but without the stops, managed to shave over half an hour from the time and half a mile from the distance.

Tried a new app today, RunSat, which integrates with the new site I like, Run Saturday, liked the app, just need to test more. Trying to find one that’s not so harsh on the iPhone battery, hard to do.

It’s back to work tomorrow and the first test of whether I can motivate myself to ride after work, I know I’ll enjoy it once out it’s just the getting out I can’t do.

Below is the ice cream stop pic :-)

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