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Well after my last post on the July150 things started with a bang on Tuesday when along with Carrie “NotTheWowy” I racked up 53.3 miles. Wow, a third of the way there in one ride. We left Ashington at lunchtime and I let Carrie take the lead and show me some of the roads she rides on her club rides, great roads they are too, although some have far too many ‘ups’ to be nice.

We stopped for refreshments in Ponteland before heading off again at which point Carrie found a lone cyclist and picked him up, we tagged alongside for a good few miles chatting and finally parted ways with an invitation from Carrie for him to look out for their club rides. He seemed to enjoy our company so he may take her up on that.

Carrie kept saying “should I show you this road” and I’d say “yes” only to find a bloody hill in the middle of it, you’d think I’d have learnt after the first couple of times but nope, says she hates hills but finds them easy enough!!

Was an excellent day and one I’d do again.

I did find out how much better the iPhone 3GS battery is compared to my 3G, I went through phone battery, backup battery and Carrie’s backup battery on the journey whole Carrie was still only half way through her phone battery, so still back to the drawing board for a power supply to last a full journey, however if I’d been out on my own I wouldn’t have gone as far so it would have lasted.

Cycle: 53.3 miles, Time: 4:15:08, Avg Speed: 12.5 mph, Max Speed: 29.1 mph, Min Altitude: 0 ft, Max Altitude: 678 ft

Added a screenshot of the route but have no idea how it will look on here :-)

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