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Well I’ve only gone and bloody done it, 100 leisure miles completed. “Aboot time!” I hear some of you say and yeah you’re right. At the rate I’ve gone this weekend I could have been done ages ago. It was just finding the time that did for me.

Today I decided to start off with the cycle route I did with Bev yesterday but carry on instead of turning around and coming home the same way. 33.12 miles today at an average of 12.x mph, which I’m impressed with considering some of the bits along the coast are tracks across fields or gravel/stone pathways and the tourer wasn’t built to handle those at speed so it was slowly slowly over those. Beginning to wonder why I’ve not been that way before, it’s such a lovely place to cycle, even allowing for the shitty tracks (literally shitty when the cows have been past).

The iPhone lasted the full journey this time, the solar charger not doing a job at all, dodgy connection to the phone. However I arrived home to find my new waste of money, sorry solar charger/batter pack had been delivered. This one fits into the bottom of the iPhone and is shaped to look like an extension to the phone. One downfall is the solar panel being on the back, great I suppose for charging while you’re making a call but means the iPhone will be face down if I need the solar capability on the bike. I’m hoping the power in the battery pack will be enough to keep the phone going through any journey though providing I remember to charge before going out. :-)


Solar Charger

Anyway off to sleep, early start tomorrow, will update with pics and anything I’ve forgotten after work :-)

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