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Finally managed to get back on the bike yesterday for a leisure ride after having no chance for ages, I’m now half way towards the #June100 total after 2 rides so hope to get in a few shorter ones now before the end of the month and hit that total. Few things got in the way, holiday, new dog, laziness ;)

Decided to start my route the same as last one but deviate half way through, which is what I did. Ended up on some single track roads with no verges worrying incase I met a tractor or a car, so took it a little slower than I’d have liked, until a van came behind me and I let him past, meant I could go a bit faster if I kept him in view as I’d know if something was coming :)

Thoroughly enjoyed it though, even though I came across a farm pumping muck down the road to a field and found out the pipe was leaky, all over the road. Nowhere to go but through it, smelly stuff, however it’s not a smell I’m not used to being brought up on a farm so I wasn’t too bothered. At least not until I got home and popped the bike in the house, wow, it was ripe. Quick shift outside and a wash, however I didn’t manage to get it all removed from under the mudguards, advice required on best way to clean under mudguards, bottle/dishwash brush maybe?

Mapped my ride with iMapMyRide and got back to my finish/start point and stopped it, went through all the save options and then while it was saving to the server my iPhone decided to turn itself off, oh no, 27.90 miles, 2h10mins and no further stats and also meant I had to map the route manually. :( That’s one downfall to the MapMyFitness apps, surely it should at least save your latest route locally before uploading for such eventualities? It will save your data if you exit the app and allow you to resume on reopening if you wish so surely it should save it just before uploading so if your phone or network have a blip your route should be available to retry once sorted. Rant over, now off to find somewhere official to mention it :)



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