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Well I got my first Leisure ride in this month, as mentioned I’m taking part in the June100, to see if we can get in over 100 Leisure miles in a month. I’ve done a few Commute miles, I do more than I thought I did that’s for sure. In the first week of the month I’ve done 32 miles on the postie bike, bloody hard work it is too, only 3 gears and quite often 2 bags of mail added make it tough.

Went out early this morning as rain is due today and I wanted to miss it, it was pleasant weather, not too hot/sunny and wind not too strong, until I got along the coast anyway. Stopped after less than a mile as I bumped into a bunch of people competing in a Triathlon, should have got my camera out but was too busy watching and chatting to the marshall, oops. Stood about 20mins watching, all the time iMapMyRide was racking up the time as I forgot to pause the app, another oops :)

I’d decided to take my camera with me, although I didn’t really have the time to keep stopping and I only took it out once, quick snap of a hawk hovering at the side of the road and then one of it dropping, which sadly doesn’t look too good as it’s lost in the backdrop of a tree. But the plan is to get out more over the summer with my camera. I had a worry today that my iPhone was going to die on me as my solar charger decided it wasn’t playing nice and turned itself off, strangely when the iPhone got to 20% battery the charger kept it going for the next 12 miles till I got home. I may have to investigate more and invest in a proper charger/battery pack to increase the life of the iPhone, the solar charger is good at charging everything else I’ve tried but seems to kick up a fuss at the iPhone when I really need it.

Heading along the coast I was fighting a building headwind and a sea fret as well as a dodgy road surface. Had to make sure I was looking well ahead so I could plan where to stick the wheels to miss the ruts and potholes, not like on the mountain bike where you just hit the buggers and let it take it. I still can’t get over how good this bike is though, on the smooth roads all you could hear as I was pedalling along was the hum of the tyres on the road surface, no squeaks or rattles, not had that before. ;)

Anyway, todays ride, just under 23 miles, which gives me a good boost towards my target, not sure when I’ll get the next good ride in, away for the weekend next weekend.

Total Distance: 22.98 mi.

Speed: 1.11 (mi/hr) (min)    11.14 (mi/hr) (avg)    30.93 (mi/hr) (max)

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