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Another step taken towards kicking the web dev back into gear. Installed XAMPP on the laptop so when I go to the caravan in the summer I can play with sites etc. locally without the internet. Nice and quiet at the caravan so no ‘homely’ distractions to pull me away. Hopefully once an idea hits I can stay with it till it’s at a stage I can just play with it and improve and not have to stop when it’s only half done as I do at home.

Problem is I have loads of ideas and want to do them ALL now. So I end up starting one and get to a point where something I do hits me that it would be good with another idea, so move over onto the new idea and end up with loads of unfinished bits. I need to focus more I guess but the development bit is the bit I love most, so can move from one to another without finishing and still have fun and not feel I’ve wasted time. :)

I’m also now thinking of moving my (not currently live) site onto the web server here, that was a site hosted from home on my own web server but a PSU failure stopped that and when I recently tried to fix it I found it had taken out the hard drive too, lost everything that was on there but should have an old backup somewhere. I had fun with that site, not much information as such on there but I did have scripts running on the PC that would output the contents of my Music and Video drive and format it for easy perusing. Even had a script on there once that would let you play my music yourself, sadly my connection wasn’t fast enough to make it worthwhile staying.

Also had my ‘Now Playing’ script on there, where my PC audio player would output the file I was playing and the site would display the track number, track name, artist, album and track length. I even had it displaying the album cover, was proud of that one, don’t think I could remember how to do it now, changed audio prog and more, but it may be fun to try again. :D

Woo, just found a copy, took a screenshot, not as prettified as it’s not in a proper site but you’ll get the idea.

Now Playing

Am I sad for getting excited about it? :D

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