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Got my new bike, woo :D

new bike

The New Bike

It’s a Dawes Vantage tourer, 24 speed, 700c wheels and brilliant. :) First ride on it was from Cramlington, where I got it, to home.

Journey Stats:

Completed (General Road Cycling):

Distance 9.24 mi,

Duration 0:44:09,

Pace 04:47 min/mile,

Ave Speed 12.6 mph.

Not the whole journey, forgot to start it immediately and ended it before I arrived home as it maps it and I’ve decided I don’t want it to map to my door :) Once I’ve got the hang of the iPhone app to record my journeys I’ll link to the page. Hopefully get out tomorrow so will play some more. I’ve already started buying stuff, got a solar charger for the iPhone as the GPS apps drain the battery, hopefully this way the battery should last the whole journey and not die half way. Will update on that too :)

Because of this I have added a new bike category to the blog ;)

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