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Well as has happened almost yearly for the last few years we are busy in our garden again. Ever since we bought the house we’ve ‘done’ the garden, we’re not gardeners so not many flowers, more like gravel and paving slabs :D

We started in earnest back in 2005, starting from the following ‘mess’.

This is how our garden started the first time

Yeah, scary right :) But luckily it gets better, the following is how it ended

Doesn't this look better

Every year it goes through a tidy phase, fixing up the mess made by the Winter, but then Bev decides she wants a change. Jump forward to 2008 and we go for it again.

Hard At Work. Here we go again

Here’s how it ended this time, we loved it.

Almost finished

Rendered and Painted, complete.

Looks good doesn’t it? :)

Well we’re back at it again, luckily this time I don’t think Bev wants to go wild, she’s just deciding she wants more pots, lights, plants (yeah after all the de-planting). Weird thing is we need more gravel, looked fine when completed but looks way thin on the ground now, wonder if Lottie has been eating it :)

I shall add another post with pics once complete. Oh and if you want to see hard work in progress, check out My Garden and My Garden Revisited :D

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