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I’ve decided I really want to get back into cycling, for pleasure. Before I started at Royal Mail, Bev and I used to cycle regularly on her days off. By the end we were at 50miles per session of purely pleasure cycling, no times to distract, just go out, cycle around and go home. I admit there was a pub stop or 2 en route but soft drinks all the way. :-)

I had been meaning to sort our bikes before now but the snow we’ve had put me off that idea. I’m hoping the good weather will be on it’s way soon and I can get the bikes ready. I thought I’d have a job convincing Bev but just the mention of bikes brought up her plan of cycling to work in the spring/summer, who’d have thought it. So I guess it’s finger out time and get into action.

Mind you my time is well planned in the coming weeks, the garden needs sorted, winter has taken it’s toll. Our lovely garden now resembles a bomb site with the winds we had tearing off capping from the top of walls and even blowing our swing seat from the top of the garden almost down to the bottom. Lottie has even helped by getting to bits she shouldn’t and digging in the gravel. :-)

I’m also taking my life in my hands and attempting to sort the rusty rear wheel arches on my car, just hope it doesn’t look worse once finished hehe. I may take pictures and blog it if I don’t make too much mess ;-) Or should I say if Bevs dad doesn’t make too much mess as he is helping and knows more than I do, not hard.

Part one of my action plan of getting my head back into web design is in process, I’ve ordered the external hard drive and a new power supply which will allow me to sort my PC and files. Once that’s done I can organise the stuff I need to bring my plan into full action :-)

Still loving the iPhone, specially as I’m lying here in bed where it’s quiet to get these thoughts down.

Off all weekend so hopefully should mention something about how busy I’ve been next time :-)

Oh and I know it’s early but Dear Santa Please :-)

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