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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately while wandering the streets and I’ve decided I miss my Web Design. I feel like I’ve lost some connection with it, I now just ‘dabble’ and when I do it takes me a while to get back up to speed and just when I finally think I have it worked out and flowing I finish what I was doing.

I had the most fun lately while I was doing the Marvin Johnson site. It was mostly done on a shitty laptop, in a caravan in a muddy field but I enjoyed fighting with the layout until it looked just how I wanted. The difference between that site and ones way back when was that, while previously I designed from the ground up, this time I grabbed a free template with the same basic layout I wanted and worked from there.

I’ve decided I should sort out my computers, PC and laptop so everything is in order and my editing stuff on laptop and redesign all my personal sites, many of which are lying dormant. I do still have a couple of other sites I still work on but those are mainly just adding new information now and again, no design involved.

I do also have an idea for at least one more site, which if done correctly could also pull in some ad revenue and make it feel worth the effort, more to come on that one if I decide to go with it, I do still have my reseller hosting account so that’s a plus, just gotta make it start working for me.

I think I may as well redesign my Rose Presentations site as it’s a little out of date, some of the sites on there have been redesigned and some new have been designed.

I need to go think about how to begin now I have this bee in my bonnet, wish me luck. :-)

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