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Well, the journey up yesterday was good, A1 wasn’t too busy. Made a
holiday journey cd for the car and just as we pulled up to our caravan
the last song was ending, couldn’t have done that any better.

After the kids failed attempt at swimming yesterday Bev and I
popped into Berwick for a few things, including Lee Child’s new ‘Jack
Reacher’ book, although I’ve almost finished it so will have to go
back for more soon :-)

Got to the club early last night and
we’ve now decided our kids have outgrown this site, if you’re not
there early you don’t get a seat which means you have to sit through
all the tiny kid stuff before the cabaret etc. comes on after 9pm. Was
fine when the kids joined in but just didn’t feel the same last

Cabaret wasn’t the best, band that was on first didn’t do
anything for us and the second act was over energetic, if he’d toned
it down a bit he’d have been good but he’d been watching a bit too
much Live Robbie Williams, we ended up back at the caravan by

That’s all for day one, back with day two later or
tomorrow :-)

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