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Started off today with a swim, pool was open today so we all went.
Then back to the caravan for a quick clean up and a walk into Berwick.
Bought a couple of new t-shirts and a belt as I forgot

When we got back from Berwick we decided to take a wander
down to the beach, lovely weather and a quiet beach made for a nice
afternoon. Kids wandered round the rock pools and made sand

Club time saw us there earlyish again, wasn’t as bad
tonight, was charity day on the site and one person was getting their
chest waxed on stage. £1 a go to rip off a strip made for a nice
queue of women wanting a go. Rather him than me :-).

tonight was the fun stars giving a disco evening, top 20 disco tracks,
have to say that the fun stars this year aren’t as good as previous as
we couldn’t force ourselves to stay through it all.

Did our good
deed for today on our way back to caravan when we spotted a caravan
with it’s window wide open and no-one in it. Informed security and
left it to then to sort out, hope all is well.

That’s all for
tonight, goodnight :-)

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