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…My Bag Is Getting Fat.

Yup, I can tell Christmas is on its way, the amount of parcels to be delivered is out of this world. This week I have been mainly finishing at 4pm due to the amount of parcels added to the normal mail delivery. Oh and someone just happened to say today “Watch out because that duty you’re on is known for being heavy with parcels come Christmas” No shit Sherlock!! :D In fact Tuesday, a normally light day, I returned 17 parcels/items to the depot due to people not being in, you don’t normally take that many out on a heavy day never mind return them. Ah well, the good thing out of all this is the overtime, I have done almost full time hours for the last few weeks and it looks like it will continue a little longer so Santa will get some help with the presents this year ;)

I decided to set up a new user for use with the players on the computer that are not my standard player (QCD). Welcome to FamilyR which should catch all the stuff that other people in the house listen to as I won’t let them use my player and destroy the stats I’ve worked on for so long, although Jade still does now and again despite my screams of horror. ;) So I’m currently testing it out by having iTunes on a “Party Shuffle”, so it’s playing random stuff from my music library, who knows what will appear on there for now :)

I had loads to say but now I’ve actually sat down here I can’t remember a bloody thing, alcohol isn’t a great idea for helping with memory :)

Signing off to: [Sair Fyel’d Hinny by Kathryn Tickell and Friends] from the album [The Northumberland Collection] [01:23/02:21]

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