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This week has been very very busy. I think the mail centre has definitely been sending through everything that was held back during and after the strike, although the last 2 days weren’t so bad so hopefully we’re caught up now. The last 2 weeks have seen me doing 15 and 16 hours of overtime respectively, so almost full time working for me, great for extra cash in the run up to Christmas but my back isn’t saying thanks that’s for sure. :) I did work my ay off this week (Thursday) and I did the duty that I’ll be doing next week and what a refreshing day that was. The usual postie for that duty was in that day but doing parcels in the van and he boxed in the duty for me before going to do parcels and for the first time in weeks I came in and everything was done, all I had to do was sort my special deliveries, (which I have to get from the office and sign for, they can’t be sorted by anyone else) bag up and go. I was out on time and finished on time that day even though it wasn’t an easy mail day. Back to normal on Friday though when I got in and still had half the other duty to box in before I could think of going out, same with today. At least they had me in an hour earlier and because there wasn’t a load of mail I was still out and finished on time. As far as I am aware I will be on the same duty for 3 weeks until my holidays (26th Nov) as the regular postie is on paternity leave and also a weeks holiday, as for when I get back from my week off, well who knows what will happen but hopefully I will be on another nice duty.

I am still loving my new phone and since installing the software I have remove the Hier MSN client as it stopped connecting to the network and I couldn’t find why so the search goes on for a good free MSN client for my phone. I have now installed Sky Anytime software on my phone which gives me, among other things, my 7 day Sky EPG with the option to set a recording and have it sent to my Sky+ box, so no more getting caught short by forgetting to record something (normally for Bev where my life is in grave danger for doing so :) ) It also has news and sports and a live action vidiprinter for my football scores which, when checked against Sky’s Soccer Saturday, was only 20seconds behind the on screen updates, excellent :D

Last Wednesday Bev had an appointment for an operation on her foot, she has Plantar Fasciitis and numerous injections and other remedies have been unsuccessful. Her appointment was at Alnwick Hospital, 20miles away even though our local hospital is 5 mins walk away, this was because the waiting list for the surgeon was shorter there and he could get her seen quicker, Monday she had a pre-assessment and Wednesday off she went to Alnwick. She got a lift from her dad as the first bus couldn’t get her there until after 9am and she had to be there for 7:45am. After being dropped off and waving her dad off she wandered for a short while as she was early and then went in only to find that her appointment had been cancelled and no-one had bothered to tell her, she was less than happy let me tell you. So after finding out the reasons why and complaining about her treatment they arranged for a taxi home, which they paid for (£35). Once home she decided rather than ringing the surgeons secretary she would go down and see her face to face and find out what went wrong (don’t mess with Bev it isn’t pretty :) ) It turns out that due to complications during a previous operation the anaesthetist wasn’t happy at dealing with Bev at Alnwick and the pre-assessment team were supposed to ring Bev and cancel the appointment and arrange another, they didn’t. Needless to say after having a word with the secretary she promised to ring the surgeon and get back to Bev the following day, well with 2 hours she was on the phone to say the surgeon was not too happy either, as no-one had informed him, and that she was to go to Ashington Hospital at 7:30am next Tuesday and he would operate that day. So a bad day but a good result in the end, now we just have to hope the operation is successful. Oh and I told everyone her operation was on a Tuesday, I had the date correct but the day wrong, or I ‘did’ have the day wrong, I was actually right all along and it is Tuesday ;)

Tomorrow I shall hopefully be moving things around in my computer room and giving myself a larger desk so I’m not working in such a cramped area. I’ll still be sitting in a cramped area but hopefully I shall have more space to put crap at hand :) Hopefully I won’t be offline too long

Signing off to: [Goodbye Again by John Denver] from the album [The Country Roads Collection (D2)] [01:23/03:40]

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