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OK, I do have a cause, I just don’t currently have my own duty. This week I am covering a holiday on a duty I hadn’t done before Monday, turns out that it’s not so bad. Although today was a bummer when I got in and found a pile of mail waiting to be sorted into my frame, a very difficult job when you’ve not done the duty enough to know where the streets are in the frame. So it was after 11:30am by the time I actually got out on delivery, which is the time I used to be able to finish on a good day before the late starts were brought in. Made it home before the kids though (by about 15mins) so no-one had to sit on the doorstep waiting :)

Yesterday the job was fully sorted for me coming in and all that had to be done was bundling of the mail, got someone to help bundle it correctly but because they were in a rush to get out on their own job I didn’t see exactly how they did it. Today I had to bundle alone and apart from just a couple of slight mistakes, which will be rectified when bundling tomorrow, I didn’t do too bad. Because the later starts aren’t working with regards to being able to get me out to my job on time for delivery I’ve been asked to start an hour earlier for a while, so an hours overtime daily for ‘prep’ should be great although I’d much rather it was made official and added to my contract. :D

Still loving my new phone and have a couple of essentials installed already:-

  • Hier – MSN Client, foreign but free and works great
  • Google Mobile – email on the move with a gmail client for your phone. (my gmail account was sitting hardly used so I decided to make it my mobile account)
  • PuTTY – For those times when I must have access to my server. (not that it’s accessed very much at the moment and it’s sitting beside me :D )
  • WLIrc2 – For accessing some of my IRC chans, useful when you want to find out some info quickly when on the move :)

That’s currently my list of “must haves”, but no doubt more will be added as and when I see stuff I need want. I just need to find an alarm tone that works for me, I don’t really like the ones that are standard on the phone. I use my phone as a secondary alarm in the morning, it covers against power cuts and also I konw when it goes off it’s really time to haul ass outta there :) My previous phone, the Nokia 6630 has an excellent sound of a cockerel crowing but unfortunately I can’t find it on the phone in an accessible area for transfer to my new phone so I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

Signing off tonight to: [Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down] from the album [The Better Life] [02:23/03:58]

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