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Not that you’d think it but I have, just been a little (lot) slack at posting and as always I’m going to resolve to do something about it, but will I?Currently being bored cos it’s postal strike time, I decided to stay out this time as support for colleagues and because we have a lot of staunch strikers in the office that I don’t want to get on the wrong side of, maybe not the best of reasons but when you realise that I rely on a lot of people to make sure my job is ready for me when I get in on a morning, me being part time, then hopefully it will be understood. I’d much rather be at work (did I really say that…) ‘cos I really love my job (that too…). Hopefully a solution to it all will come quickly that will satisfy all concerned. I’m not too happy about some of the proposals but would much rather have a job than not at all.

One thing that does annoy me about it all is the companies that move their mail away from Royal Mail to get a ‘More Reliable Service’, don’t they realise who it is that delivers their mail whoever they move to? When did you last see a TNT or DHL guy wandering the streets with a mail sack on his back, poor muggins here still has to deliver that mail, and all for a measly 13p or so for Royal Mail. I could ramble on for ages but that’ll do about that for now :)

Had a holiday at Berwick since the last post also, excellent as always and made even better by the fact we stayed in a friends caravan and not a site one, less than 2 years old and top spec, fantastic :)

Ordered myself a new phone, a Nokia N95 and am currently awaiting a confirmation email from O2, £30 per month for free phone, 400 minutes UK calls and 1,000 texts and unlimited phone calls to O2 numbers, not bad. I also added the web bolt-on, £7.50 per month for unlimited browsing but with a 200mb fair usage allowance, which I don’t think I’ll hit on a phone, well maybe not. :) So fingers crossed that by Tuesday I shall have a new phone to play with to replace my current Nokia 6630 that I’m currently using on PAYG.

Well it seems my time here has come to an end for now so I’ll sign off and hopefully remember that I have this thing and that I promised to update it ;)

Signing off to: [The Time Warp (1989 Extended Version Remix) by Richard O’Brien, Nell Campbell, Patricia Quinn and Charles Gray] from the album [The Rocky Horror Picture Show] [03:00/05:36]

*Disclaimer: happily I have been sampling Magners finest so excuse any typos etc. :D

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