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Entries for October, 2007

Everything Changes

Well, this week hasn’t been too bad so far with the new duty I’m covering, although I think the mail centre is beginning to send through some of the backlog they’ve obviously been holding back. Monday I started at 9:15 and once sorted and out I went round the duty in just under 3.5hrs and […]

Walk This Way

I’m still Postie Without Cause but I’ve added another string to my bow by completing 2 days on another duty, so that’s now 5 full duties I ‘know’ and another to be added to that next week. :) Hit a bonus the last 2 weeks too, your day off is linked to your duty so […]

Postie Without A Cause

OK, I do have a cause, I just don’t currently have my own duty. This week I am covering a holiday on a duty I hadn’t done before Monday, turns out that it’s not so bad. Although today was a bummer when I got in and found a pile of mail waiting to be sorted […]

testing blog by phone

Sitting here testing my wlan connection and blogging while Bev watches tv. Is ok and will be handy at some point I’m sure ;-)


Well, surprise for me this week when I got to work on Thursday to find I had a trainee to show round my duty. It was the guy who is taking over my duty when I get moved to my next one, wherever that may be eventually. The office has a dedicated ‘coach’ for training […]

New Phone

My new phone arrived yesterday, my Nokia N95 and I think I’m going to like it :D I need to test it properly, my current number will transfer to my new phone on friday, easier than keeping the new one, damn giving out my number to work, schools and football coaches etc. Well, back to […]

Cron Testing

Changed cron settings, another test needed :)

Manual Checking Works

Well it seems checking for mail manually by refreshing the wp-mail.php file works and the body is picked up, now going to let this one go through with the cron check and see if it works


Sending mail as plain text worked, now testing with rich formatting

Testing email posting yet again

Apologies if your RSS is catching any of these tests and you get here only to find no new posts :) I am currently testing posting to the blog via email as I’ve updated everything, it seems that new mails are being picked up but only the titles are being added to the blog, no […]

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