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Well I’ve been working for a good few weeks now and although I meant to update my progress I’ve not done so. The job is great, totally enjoying it, now I don’t know if this is because the weather in the main has been good or what but it’s all good.

Had a few days where my mail hasn’t been fully sorted when I’ve arrived at work and I’ve had to finish sorting before I can bundle and bag, but as I get paid for any extra I work I don’t mind.

Aches and Pains: These were expected but what wasn’t expected was the severity of them, had/have blisters on my feet that cover the full width of the pad by my toes which is very uncomfortable. Had a very sore ankle due to taking the weight off the worst blisters and putting it all onto one leg. Worst bit was my first couple of weeks where I’d get home and find that my legs just wouldn’t work at all once I’d stopped and sat down, I was like an old man (please, no comments ;) ) The last week or so hasn’t been too bad, blisters are still there, they come and go, but they aren’t as painful as in the beginning, blister plasters are fantastic but the best bit is that my legs still feel like my own once I get home. :D

Got my round down to 3 hours, 3 and a half on a heavy day instead of the 4 hours it was taking in the beginning so I’m hoping to shave a little more off that in the coming weeks, it’s “job and done” which means once I’ve delivered my last piece of mail I go home, currently at my best I’ve been finishing on my time so it doesn’t seem so good a deal but one of these days… :) Actually, I managed it once and that was last Saturday, I managed to get rid of my last letter at 11:10, 2h45m after beginning my round, so I finished 20mins early.

One of my biggest worries when I started was my route, I had no idea about the area I was delivering to, Newbiggin Sea Front and area, so was worried about getting lost but it’s amazing how quick you pick it up and I seem to have no problem, even working out of order I know where my streets are and have even given directions once or twice. It’s amazing the look of relief that comes across peoples faces when they see a postie and they need directions, although the worry quickly comes back when they ask for somewhere that isn’t on my route as I have no idea of other areas. :D

Signing off to: [Your Mistake by Melanie C] from the album [This Time] [03:10/03:52] (not my normal music type, it’s not as ‘rocky’ as Northern Star was but I love this album, I think she has a great voice)

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