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Fish Tank

Got myself a new fish tank for my fish, also got a few more fish to go in it. Still need another bit of wood/rock to go in it and some plants so it doesn’t look bare but the fish enjoy all the current hiding places and also the open swimming space. Also could do with a new background as the one that came with it is a bit rough looking and doesn’t fit properly. If my camera would take better pictures you’d be able to see it more clearly but unfortunately I think the camera is on its way out, must save for a new one.

Fish stock now is:-

  • 1 x Feather Fin Catfish
  • 1 x Guppy
  • 2 x Neon Tetra
  • 2 X Black Widow Tetra
  • 2 x Swordtails
  • 2 x Black Molly
  • 2 x Balloon Molly

Tank still looks empty with all those fish in but we have plenty without overstocking. Just a couple of things to replace as new in the tank and I’ll be happy, new heater as the one that came with the tank had all the settings worn off so it’s guesswork to set temperature. Also want an external filter to get the great ugly thing out of the corner of the tank.

That’s all for now, more when I remember :D

Signing off with: [Devil’s Answer (Bonus Track)  by Atomic Rooster] from the album [In Hearing Of] [01:03/03:27]

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