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Dan mentioned in the comments of my last post that it’s good that I’m proud of my kids, well, yes it is, I have a lot to be proud of. I have to say they’ve turned out pretty damn good despite having to live with me their whole lives. :D And today I was proud yet again, Bethany and Nathan’s school have a certificate giving presentation at the end of each term to celebrate how well the kids have done. Each teacher gives their recommendations and they get listed on the certificates of the kids receiving them, whether it be for good effort, improvement, enthusiasm politeness or even plain 100% attendance of school it is listed to make the kids feel good about how hard they’ve worked.

Well each term Nathan and Bethany have improved and gone from getting a certificate for just 100% attendance in the beginning to actually being nominated for good work by teachers. Today they each had a list of 6 items, from 6 different teachers, which included enthusiasm, hard work, helpfulness and improvement. It felt good hearing the list go on and on but then to top that came the award of the Headteachers Commendation, this is awarded to one pupil from each class and is to recognise an outstanding pupil of that term. This term Bethany received the award, which was fantastic, not only that but Nathan has vowed to get it next term so we’ll wait and see if he can. I’m just pleased Bethany has been recognised for some of the stuff she does, she seems to do almost all of the clubs that are running at the school and helps out in anything she can so it’s good for her to know she’s not wasting her time and someone has noticed how much hard work she does :)

Not forgetting Jade either, being at High School means they do less of the presentation stuff but they send home letters to let the parents know the good (and bad I suppose) things and Jade was singled out by 2 of her teachers for extra praise so they wrote and told us last week.

Life is good at the moment and I think Santa may have been watching and realise this so Christmas may be special ;)

Signing off tonight with: Silence, forgot to press play ;)

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