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It was the Christmas Concert at Nathan and Bethany’s school on Tuesday night, Nathan, as usual, didn’t take part but then again, as usual, Bethany did. Although she just dropped the fact that the show was on in the morning (we thought it was next week) we rang the school and got them to hold 2 tickets. Next was to ask what she was doing and the reply was ‘not much’ just a bit of singing in the choir and playing my clarinet in the orchestra. It was decided not to bother taking the video camera as when she’s stuck in choir or orchestra she disappears, being slightly smaller than everyone else, bad bad move. It turned out that yes she was in the orchestra and the choir but she also played the part of Jacob Marley in Scrooge, which they did in short bursts in between the carols. But not only did she have a speaking part she had a solo to sing, typical.

She had a very busy night running from orchestra to choir to stage, OK not a great distance between each one but to get from one to the other before the segment began was an achievement. Her solo was fantastic, if I do say so myself. (although I did hear it from one or two other parents, and the fact they didn’t know us or Bethany meant a lot) I tell you, it didn’t sound much like the song we’ve been hearing for weeks around the house when trying to watch TV at a night time or when she’s supposed to have been going to bed to sleep ;) (it was apparently a song for everyone when we asked her why she was practicing)

The school took a video recording of the event but I have no idea on the policies for releasing videos to parents, or if they should even be doing this these days the way some parents are about protecting the privacy of their kids. Although my view is if they don’t want people looking the kids shouldn’t be in the play/concert/choir/orchestra etc. I can understand the worry about having kids pictures with names etc. on say a school website but releasing a video of a concert to parents of the kids involved should be OK. Shouldn’t it??

Since then she’s performed for the Special Needs section of the school, a song with actions so the deaf kids can all understand and join in. She was also chosen as one of the few to go and sing carols for a local Old Peoples Home (Elderly Care Centre, whatever :) ) Not bad for someone who, when asked to sing or do something in front of people, comes over all shy and says “I couldn’t…” but 3 seconds later will be doing it. :D

Nathan has asked for Christmas guitar tab so he can perform at our family gathering on Christmas Eve so I have a few printed for him to learn before then. Damn I’m proud of my kids at times :)

Anyway, I think it’s about time for me to go to bed before I waffle any more and start proclaiming even more how great my kids are ;)

Signing off tonight with: [Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf] from the album [The Very Best Of Meat Loaf (D2)] [02:04/09:49]

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