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When you have nothing interesting to say :D Well nothing I felt like putting down on here I suppose. I really should decide whether I’m going to use this thing or not, although Christmas run up so things that happen are probably not the sort of things I want to drop in here anyway “just incase” ;) ;)

I’ve been thinking of posting more often even if I think I have nothing to say just to see if I can get a flow going. Quite often I’ll see something elsewhere that will remind me of stuff I’ve decided not to put on here and I think “I should have done that” but by then it’s too late. :)

I will mention one thing though and that is the annoyance that is “Reward Trips” for the kids from school. The annoyance about them is that the school touts them as a reward for working hard throughout the year and it’s all “we’ve put on trips for the kids”, “we think they deserve these trips” but then they send the letter home asking the parents to pay for them. So they get the credit and the kudos and we end up paying for it, if it’s a reward from the school for their hard work then they should pay for them!! I feel sorry for those kids who have parents that can’t afford to pay, they’ve worked hard and earned their trip but have to stay at school because the parents can’t afford it, it’s not right!

[steps down off soapbox]

OK well that’s all for now, had my moan and feel a bit better now :)

Signing off with: [Fallen Angel by Poison] from the album [The Best Of Poison – 20 Years Of Rock] [01:06/03:57]

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