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…No Speak. Been busy, yeah, really I have, honest, OK you got me I just not had anything to say. :)

Just a few things happened lately, Bethany joined a football team and is now part of Wansbeck Juniors under 12 team, training on a Tuesday and matches played on a Saturday morning in Cramlington. They’re not the best team out there, they’ve only been together weeks whereas some of the teams they play have been playing together years but at least they enjoy it.

We bought a new (to us) awning for our caravan, not your usual shape but huge and it has been a fantastic addition, and yes, we still go to the muddy field every weekend and are back there next week for half term. Kids aren’t sick of it so neither are we. :)

Jade has started to leave the dark side of music listening (R&B etc.) and come over to the light side of Rock and Punk Rock etc., even went to a gig a few weeks ago at the Cricket Club in Ashington where some of the bands from her school were playing, she enjoyed that. I’ve had fun making her some playlists and adding new tracks for her to listen to and coming back to find she’s added a few herself that I wouldn’t have though of adding for her. She’s also got me listening to a few things I wouldn’t have chosen normally but have quite enjoyed so it’s all good. :)

Nathan has gone from not caring about how his hair looks when leaving for school in the morning to wanting it spiked every day now, we think there may be a girl involved, more investigating required ;)

Jade has her dancing exams this weekend and is going for her Gold medal awards in Ballroom and Latin so good luck Jade. Bad timing for the exams has meant that Nathan and Bethany will have to put their quest for their Silver medals on hold for a little while, sorry kids but I know you understand, thanks. :)

Well that’s all for now, will try not to leave it as long next time. :)

Signing off with a track from Jades playlist: [Spare Me The Details by The Offspring] from the album [Splinter] [01:06/03:24]

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