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Phew what a scorching few days we’ve had. Done a little more cycling, 28 miles on Monday and 17 miles on Tuesday (because we sat on the beach at Cresswell for a few hours instead as it was so nice) But it looks like that’s maybe it for a little while as Bev has an eye infection so has had to take time off work, can’t be seen galivanting off on our bikes when she’s on the sick. By the time she goes back to work (she’s hoping Saturday) the kids will have broken up for their summer holidays so the next cycling trip will be with the whole family. Although we’re off for a few days away Sun-Wed, just up the coast to Bevs mams caravan (no, we’re not cycling we’re going by bus). If we can get the bus times to suit us we are anyway, Bev is at work Sunday morning so we’re leaving in the afternoon and she’s back at work Wednesday so we’ll be back in the morning. Unfortunately buses on a Sunday aren’t as reliable as through the week so it’s taking some more investigating to sort out a viable solution.

Not mentioned the fish for a while so here’s an update! They’re still alive, \o/. Although I did have a scare this evening when after doing a water change the filter was making strange noises and not working, the more I investigated the more frustrated I got and I think the more distressed the fish got. In the end I had to leave it off for a while because I couldn’t fix it, went back later with a slightly clearer head and spotted the leaf from the plant in the tank stuck in the outlet. A quick removal and clean of all the other outlets (again) and back it went working fine. I now just hope the fish calm down overnight and that it hasn’t damaged them too much because they were speeding around the tank earlier and didn’t look as though they were happily doing it. Will review the situation in the morning, hopefully still with all fishes.

Monday evening we were at Jade’s school for a sports presentation, Jade was receiving a certificate for her sports over the year (she was also sportsperson of the month last month). As well as receiving a certificate for Hockey she received one for Cheerleading and performed 2 cheerleading pieces with the rest of the group. One part of the routine consisted of the other girls lifting Jade to their head height, while Jade was in the “splits position”, after the many times she’s come in from practice saying “They dropped me again” I almost watched this bit through my fingers but it went fine, no dropping that night. :D

So well done again Jade and it will be time to praise the other 2 later this week when they have their certificates presented on Friday for their general work/standards over the year. Very busy time of the year for parents and kids the end of the summer term.

Signing off tonight with: [Walk Of Life by Dire Straits] from the album [On The Night] [04:29/05:05]

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