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Walk Cycle 500 20 Miles…

Our cycling in the sun continued today with a 20 mile cycle along the coast and round to my sisters for a cuppa. Was a lovely day and the beach looked great, although it has slightly crossed off a journey off our list of treks to do with the kids. Too many hills without safe places to get off and push if they tire, no paths or cycleways just narrow country lanes, no good. :( We now need to see if we can get their bikes serviced next week as the holidays begin next friday ( ruh roh! As Scooby would say).

Hopefully we’ll cycle quite a bit and we also want to go away a couple of times during the holidays so there should be no chance they get bored. Also hopefully we’ll hit on good tides when away and manage to get to Holy Island (for those who don’t know it is accessible by a causeway and only at low tide). Never managed to take the kids there the last few years because the tides have been at bad times and we’ve not made it.

After checking back through this blog I see we bought our cycles on 11th April and we bought cycle computers not long after that. Since buying those we have done over 160miles on our bikes, not bad really considering we don’t get out frequently because of Bevs work shifts, hopefully during the holidays we can crack the 200. :)

Signing off tonight with: [Motivation by Sum 41] from the album [All Killer No Filler] [02:16/02:50] (Quite appropriate)

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