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a load of birds taking a shower together… or at least they do at my house.

Gave Jade a shout last night to tell her to come and look at the birds showering in our fountain, there were 8 of them. She gave me a shout tonight to say that they were back and had brought their friends with them, 16 of them showering tonight. Came through to have a look and even more had arrived. Quickly grabbed my camera and took a photo through the window of the French Doors.

Within 2 minutes of taking that pic the garden was clear again, must have gone off somewhere to dry.

Another warm day again today, still have the back door open right next to me to let a cool breeze in, just a shame we’ve had no sun with that heat most of the day.

I have been impressed with most of the World Cup games so far this tournament, normally only have games that don’t involve England on in the background when nothing else to do but I’ve actually sat and watched a few games and enjoyed them.

Signing off tonight with: [Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued by Fall Out Boy] from the album [From Under The Cork Tree] [01:59/03:08]

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