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Well, 2nd try at this, connection died on first save and it disappeared.

My internet connection disconnected last night and when it reconnected I noticed I had been upgraded, I’m now on DSLMax “up to 8mb”. Now my connection will be flaky for a few days which I knew about, what I wasn’t prepared for was the problems it seems to be causing my router. Instead of disconnecting and reconnecting and settling on a stable speed as it should be doing it seems to be disconnecting adn making my router unresponsive, meaning I have to unplug it to reset it as I can’t even get into the web interface.

Currently my line stats are as follows:-

Down Up

Data rate
7616 448

Noise margin
12.0 18.0

Output power
19.8 11.9

23.5 23.0

Until about 5 mins ago when I got kicked off again I would have said it was stable at that :)

Currently my account still thinks it’s a 2mb connection so until it figures out what’s happening I’m limited to my normal speed.

Signing off with: Kerrang! TV Channel (I’m in living room staring at the lights on the router :) )

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