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Entries for May, 2006

Still Alive

I am, honest. :D Just not had much to write about lately, nothing special happening with my fish, they’re still alive and we have all water problems sorted out. Weather hasn’t been good enough on Bev’s days off for us to cycle anywhere else, although kids on holiday next week so maybe if we get […]

Life’s A Beach

Was a lovely day today so Bev and I decided we’d go out on our bikes and try and find a nice route to take the kids on next time we were all free together. We headed towards Lynemouth to the North as we knew the cycle path went all the way there, once there […]

Nitrates Schmitrates

We were told last time we went to the pet shop that if we didn’t get our nitrate problem under control we’d (or rather our fish would be) be in serious trouble. Then after being offered some friendly (and very helpful) advice from another customer at that time we now have a nitrate level within […]

Stable Rate

Well it seems my line may have decided on it’s new speed, it has sync’d at 7616 for the past few days and checking out the PlusNet page for Stable Rate shows:- Your High-speed Broadband Service Your current broadband speed is 7000 What does this speed mean? This is the speed that BT are telling […]

Camp Replaceable

Got our tent replaced no problem, just have to wait for Bev to finish her nightshifts before testing this one, probably Monday. Will keep you informed ;)

Super Speedy (maybe)

Well, 2nd try at this, connection died on first save and it disappeared. My internet connection disconnected last night and when it reconnected I noticed I had been upgraded, I’m now on DSLMax “up to 8mb”. Now my connection will be flaky for a few days which I knew about, what I wasn’t prepared for […]

Camp Collapsible

We bought a tent on Saturday, we didn’t intend to get one yet but Argos had a one week only sale and the tent we’d looked at had £33.33 reduction, good enough for us to decide to get it early. Bev being Bev woke up Sunday morning and decided we needed to test it and […]

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